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    Power Leads - Need more customers? We are lead generation experts. Exclusive leads for your local or national business.


    Let us deliver exclusive local and national leads to your business.

    Power Leads is a lead generation company whose singular focus is to drive ultra-targeted leads to your local or national business. We specialize in delivering potential customers who are already interested in the products or services you have to offer.

    We will direct customers towards your business with any or all of the following calls to action:

    • Call your business phone number
    • Email your business or online forms
    • Send them to your physical location(s)
    • Direct them to your website or online offer

    We have two main types of lead packages we put together for our clients: Local Leads and Exclusive Markets. We are a national lead company that can provide leads in your local area, or across the nation in multiple local markets. Click the lead package links provided for more information.

    In 2017, our clients need leads, not just more advertising. They want to target a certain type of customer, rather than the traditional scattered marketing approach that companies have relied upon in the past. Traditional media delivers a poor return on your investment. US digital ad spending is poised to overtake television ad spending this year. Some businesses have failed to grasp the recent change in consumer research habits. Businesses are embracing social media, but they still need help in the area of online lead generation and conversions.

    The New Consumer

    The way customers search for companies and information has changed dramatically. The majority of significant local purchases begins with an online search, and nearly all of those searchers will contact a business within 24 hours.

    When we looked at the current business marketing landscape, we saw an urgent need in the marketplace for a provider of targeted leads to companies looking to capitalize on today’s more mobile and informed consumers.

    Source: Wordstream.com

    Companies today need to decide if they are going to have an online presence and grab their share of the online consumers looking for their products or services, or if they are going to keep spending their marketing budget on traditional media that is delivering decreasing rates of return on an annual basis.

    Power Leads

    Source: PrimacyMedia.com

    Adapt To Thrive

    The business leaders who acknowledge and adapt to this change, stand the best chance of succeeding in and eventually, leading their market. Rather than just surviving, these companies are going to thrive.

    We can help fuel that growth. We can be difference between a zero growth year and your best year to date. Power Leads utilizes cutting-edge lead generation techniques that are laser-focused on the specific prospects our companies are targeting.

    Unlike most lead generation companies, we do not use call centers or direct mail approaches to generate leads. We attract customers that are proactively searching for solutions and services online, then funnel them to your business or offer.

    Finally, we deliver exclusive leads. That means that the leads that we provide are sent to your company and your company alone. They are not sold to your competitors or any of our other clients. Many lead companies sell their leads to 4 or 5 companies, maximizing their own profits, while hurting the potential profits of the companies paying for the leads.

    Partners in Success

    We consider our clients to be our partners in business, because we are only successful when we increase their bottom line. Success is measured by results, and lead generation is a proven system for increasing sales and profits. Client ROI is important to us. We firmly believe that our company cannot thrive without first ensuring the success of our partners.

    Power Leads was created to work with companies who share our vision, appreciate the lifetime worth of a new customer, and recognize the value of our exclusive lead services.

    For more information, please call us at 1-888-991-0331 or contact us through the form provided above. We look forward to working with you.